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Welcome to Live Well at WCIF!

Here you will find everything you need to know about WCIF’s wellness program,
Live Well at WCIF and other wellness activities.


What we offer to our members:

  • Employee, and Spouse/Domestic Partner Incentives                                                 Portal Registration & Navigation Instructions
  • Health and Wellness Tools                                                                                            2017 Wellness Portal FAQ
  • Health Screening Options                                                                                              2017 Live Well Wellness Grant Application 
  • Monthly Communications                                                                                              2017 Live Well Program Breakdown
  • Quarterly For Your Benefit Wellness Newsletter                                                           2017 Health Screenings Fax Form
  • Wellness Challenges                                                                                                     2017 Onsite Health Screening Request Form


For questions or assistance, please call:

Janéé Mandery, WCIF Wellness Coordinator                                                      For Your Benefit  (2017 Fall Newsletter)

(800) 344-8570 – toll free

(360) 292-4471 – direct