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2021 WCIF Virtual Benefits Summit
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Building A Better Tomorrow with Gratitude in the Workplace  (PDF)
Staci Danford, The Grateful Brain

Panel Discussion: Employee Wellness (PDF)
Janéé Cargil (WCIF Wellness Director), Salina James (Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys) and Serena Marquez (Garden Village)

Eye Health (PDF)
Vincent Lena, Vision Service Plan

Behavioral Health Awareness in the Workplace (PDF)
Marc Bollinger and Ron Lehto, Community Integrated Health Services

Naturopathic Medicine, Your Future Approach To Health
Dr. Crystal Tack, Sequim Clinic for Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicine

Change is Good, You Go First: Keeping Up with the Pace of Change (PDF)
Karen McCullough, Karen McCullough & Co

Medicare Basics (PDF)
Jeffrey B. Johnson, JBJ Insurance Group

CyberSecurity (PDF)
Todd Whitley, BrightWire Networks

FMLA And Paid Family Medical Leave (PDF)
Angela Hayes, Associated Industries

Hazards and Preparedness (PDF)
Kiana Kabanje and Brian Terbush, WA State Emergency Management