Washington Counties Insurance Fund (WCIF) is a public sector non-profit multiple employer health and welfare trust located in Tumwater, WA. Originally established in 1958 by the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC), WCIF was formed to pool the cost of employee benefits for counties, taxing districts, and special purpose districts throughout the state. WCIF has grown to serve over 100 participating employer groups with approximately 30,000 enrollees and has a full-time staff available to serve and assist participating members.


Members have a voice!

WCIF is governed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives from member groups. All member groups nominate and vote for representatives to fill the non-county board positions. WCIF staff works with HR and payroll administrators allowing members direct access to WCIF.


Any county, local government entity, or publicly funded non-profit with 5 or more employees is eligible to join. Non-profit entities must receive ongoing direct funding from the state or local government in Washington to be eligible.