Washington Counties Insurance Fund (WCIF) is a non-profit multiple employer trust fund formed in 1958 by the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) to pool the cost of employee benefits for counties and special purpose districts throughout the state of Washington. WCIF offers a comprehensive range of high-quality benefit selections.


WCIF currently covers over 100 participating employers encompassing 30,000 enrollees. In addition to the great benefits and competitive rates offered by WCIF, you can also expect hands on customer service and support from our office and from our Third Party Administrator (TPA) for eligibility and combined billing.


There is no fee to join WCIF. Any local government entity or publicly funded non-profit entities with 5 or more employees is eligible to join. Non-profit entities must receive direct funding from the state, a city, or a county in Washington. Please contact Terri Luther, WCIF Deputy Director, at (360) 292-4470 or by cell phone at (360) 801-2721 for information regarding participation requirements.