As getting a health screening is one of the requirements to complete the Primary Incentive Program, WCIF offers onsite biometric clinics at no cost to the employer. Screenings provide participants with health information (BMI, blood pressure, and levels for cholesterol and glucose), and counseling to increase awareness of their health habits.


WCIF medical participating employer groups are eligible to request onsite clinic events January 1 through August 31, on an annual basis. To request a clinic, employers will need to complete the online Onsite Biometric Clinic Request Form.


Members who do not choose to participate in an onsite event, have the option to submit the Health Screening Fax Form.


Onsite Biometric Clinic Request Form

Onsite Clinic Guide

Health Screening Fax Form





For wellness related questions, please contact Janéé Cargil at (360) 292-4471 or