Any “local government entity” with 5 or more employees is eligible to join WCIF. Non-profit entities are also eligible to join, but these groups must receive direct funding from the state, a city, or a county in Washington.  There is no fee to join the WCIF.




WCIF does not just sell you an insurance policy. We also service that policy through our staff and partners, providing you with a full service experience that few others offer.


Member Involvement: As a member run association, WCIF is governed by a Board of Trustees (Board) comprised of representatives of its participating employers. The Board provides policy and budget approval for WCIF operations and acts upon recommendations from the Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC). Every participating employer has a seat on the IAC. The day to day operations of WCIF are managed by the WCIF Executive Director and staff located in the WCIF office in Tumwater, Washington.

In addition to the Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC), WCIF also has an Administrators’ Committee for Excellence (ACE). Each participating employer has seats on this committee.  Usually the Benefits Administrator and Benefits Assistant or Payroll Specialist fill these positions.  WCIF values member involvement.  This is demonstrated through our Loyalty Program which assists members with costs associated with attending these meetings.


Administrative Ease: At WCIF we provide members with single combined billing, online eligibility, on site open enrollment meetings/benefit fairs and administrative training for your human resources department and accounting staff. A minimum of two trainings per year are provided.


Service and Advocacy: We pride ourselves on our personalized service. Each member employer will have at least two in-person visits per year, one in the spring and one in the fall, from your group’s WCIF Account Executive. If a problem arises, we are always a phone call away. We work for you and our goal is your complete satisfaction.


Flexibility and Choices: WCIF offers a variety of options, not only for your employees’ medical coverage, but also for plans covering life, dental, vision, disability, as well as an employee assistance program. The number and variety of our plans will certainly accommodate your employees’ needs as well as the employer’s budget.


COBRA and Retiree Coverage: All WCIF members receive COBRA and retiree administration as part of our continued service with no additional fees or charges, regardless of the size of the employer. In addition, we provide coverage plans for all your retirees and their dependents regardless of their age.  If retirees are under 65, we can continue a retiree’s medical, dental, and vision plans. For retirees over 65, WCIF can provide Medicare supplemental plans to fit their needs and budget.


Employee Wellness: At WCIF we are pro-active in cost containment strategies. Our Live Well at WCIF wellness program not only provides a clear path to assist our members in staying healthy, but also provides both the employer and employee with incentives through lower premiums and deductible credits for participating employees.


Wellness Coordinator: To demonstrate our commitment to Wellness, WCIF has an employee dedicated to wellness. The Coordinator’s role is to promote our Live Well at WCIF wellness program and provide members with year-round support for their workplace and employee wellness efforts.  This individualized support can range from assisting members to create workplace wellness committees, to providing ideas and strategies for wellness campaigns to engage employees throughout the year.


Rate Stability: With our group purchasing power, WCIF members are less susceptible to large rate increases. Even with inflation driving double digit cost increases in the healthcare industry, WCIF medical rate increases remained in the single digits.  While past performance does not guarantee future results, by responsibly expanding our membership and continuing to emphasize the wellness of our members, we are confident these trends will continue.


Legislative Compliance: WCIF members have the benefit of WCIF staff’s assistance in maintaining legislative compliance through special topical seminars, legislative updates and checklists.


For more information on how to join, please contact Terri Luther, WCIF Deputy Director, at (360) 292-4470 or by cell phone at (360) 801-2721.