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Live Well at WCIF



WCIF provides a variety of month-long contests to all WCIF participating employer groups throughout the year on a quarterly basis. These activities focus on physical activity, nutrition, hydration, stress management, and more!

Through these contests, employee participants will have the opportunity to be entered into a PRIZE DRAWING by earning a minimum amount of points.

WCIF medical participating employees can participate in these contests via the SonicBoom online wellness portal and WCIF non-medical participating employees can participate via paper tracking sheet. Visit here often to view our featured contests!


Health Screenings

As getting a health screening is one of the requirements to complete the Primary Incentive Program, WCIF offers onsite biometric clinics at no cost to the employer. Screenings provide participants with health information (BMI, blood pressure, and levels for cholesterol and glucose), and counseling to increase awareness of their health habits.


WCIF medical participating employer groups are eligible to request onsite clinic events January 1 through August 31, on an annual basis. To request a clinic, employers will need to complete the online Onsite Biometric Clinic Request Form.


Members who do not choose to participate in an onsite event, have the option to submit the Health Screening Fax Form.


→ Onsite Biometric Clinic Request Form

→ Onsite Clinic Guide

→ Health Screening Fax Form

Wellness Grant Program

Through our grant program, employers have the ability to provide their employees with the necessary resources and education needed to encourage them in making real lifestyle behavioral changes—whether it be for internal challenges or participation in the online wellness program through SonicBoom.


WCIF medical participating employer groups are eligible to apply for wellness grant program funding. This is a reimbursement program and is offered annually through the months of December 1 through April 30.


→ Wellness Grant Application

→ Wellness Grant Reimbursement Form

→ Worksite Wellness Ideas



Through the Healthy Roots Program, Wellness Committee members are provided high-value, comprehensive, whole-health education that addresses the top 8 global health challenges; heart health, obesity/diabetes, autoimmune, cancer, stress, anxiety/depression, sleep, and fatigue.


Wellness expert Angela Gaffney, CHC, President of Essential Health & Wellness, with the assistance of Janéé Cargil, WCIF Wellness Director will guide these members through interactive educational activities and share simple strategies to help them transform their health as they excel professionally.


Wellness Committee members employed by a participating WCIF employer group that has been awarded a 2020 WCIF wellness grant are eligible to apply for participation in the program. Approved participants will have access to the program April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021.


CLICK HERE for more information and to view the application.


A Wellness Champion is a staff member with a commitment to health that serves as an ambassador for employee wellness. They volunteer to assist in the implementation and coordination of wellness initiatives at their location. They share information, engage friends and colleagues to participate in wellness activities and create excitement around leading a healthy lifestyle.


WCIF wants to recognize these champions! Each year, WCIF medical participating employer groups are eligible to nominate one wellness champion by November 30. The nominee will receive a prize box, along with a personalized letter of recognition from the WCIF Wellness Coordinator!


CLICK HERE to access the customizable Wellness Champion Program flyer for your worksite!