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WCIF understands how important it is for you to care for your clients. Partnering with us allows you to do just that.

WCIF offers a full suite of benefit options, not found elsewhere.  Your clients will be offered the very finest in desired value.  Our benefits contain comprehensive and sought-after plan designs from the most popular carriers in Washington.

We make WCIF the new choice!

Please view the following for more in-depth information regarding who is eligible and all that WCIF currently offers:


Premera Blue Cross

2021 Plan Information

SBC – Uniform Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms

(Materials will be posted as they become available)

WCIF 200 | Summary SBC | Heritage Booklet | Prime Booklet
WCIF 500 | Summary SBC | Heritage Booklet | Prime Booklet
WCIF 750 | Summary SBC | Heritage Booklet | Prime Booklet
WCIF 1250 | Summary SBC | Heritage Booklet | Prime Booklet
WCIF 2000 | Summary SBC | Heritage Booklet | Prime Booklet
WCIF 3000 | Summary SBC | Heritage Booklet | Prime Booklet
WCIF 5000 | Summary SBC | Heritage Booklet | Prime Booklet
WCIF HSA 1500 | Summary SBC | Heritage Booklet | Prime Booklet
WCIF HSA  3000 | Summary SBC | Heritage Booklet | Prime Booklet

WCIF Premera medical plans have two separate networks, Heritage Plus and Prime.

When choosing a provider, it is important the provider is in the member’s network.  Premera member ID cards will identify which network applies.  If unsure, please contact customer service at Premera.

Premera Blue Cross Non-discrimination Notice

Premera Notice of Privacy Practices

Member Resources

Claims and Payment
Prior Authorization

Understanding your Explanation of Benefits

ID Card Information

Preventive Care

Network and Provider
Find a Provider

Virtual Care (TeleDoc)

BlueCard Network (National)

BlueCard Worldwide (Global)

Find a Provider

Mail Order Pharmacy

Rx Search

HSA Preventive Drug Flyer

HSA PV Core Drug List

Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form

(855) 623-6334 for COBRA and Retirees or (206) 859-2694 for FSA/HSA administration.


2021 CDHP Plan Information

All WCIF employer groups have access to consumer driven health plans (CDHP), through Vimly Benefit Solutions, Inc.

Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) | Flyer | FSA and DCAP Flyer | FSA Overview | FSA Questions & Answers 

Health Savings Account (HSA) | Flyer | HSA Questions & Answers

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) | Flyer | HRA Questions & Answers 

Delta Dental of Washington

2021 Plan Information

Plan A (00498) | Summary | Booklet
Plan B (00498) | Summary | Booklet
Plan C (00497) | Summary Booklet
Plan D (00497) | Summary Booklet
Incentive (00501) | Summary Booklet
Voluntary (00478) | Summary | Booklet
Basic Plan | Summary | Booklet

Delta Dental of Washington Non-discrimination Policy

Delta Dental of Washington Notice of Privacy Policy

Member Resources

Find a Provider

MySmile – Personal Benefits Center


The Standard plan administration is handled by WCIF.
Please contact WCIF with questions regarding your coverage.
The Standard

Life Plans

Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

$12,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

$15,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

$20,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

$24,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

$36,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

$40,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

$48,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

$50,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

$100,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

1x Annual Salary to $50,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

1x Annual Salary to $100,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

1x Annual Salary to $150,000 | Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

2x Annual Salary to $200,000 Benefit at a Glance | Certificate

Voluntary Term Life (VTL) | Booklet | Certificate

Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment (VAD&D) | Booklet | Certificate

Disability Plans

Base Long Term Disability (LTD) | Base LTD Benefits at a Glance | Base Plan LTD Certificate | Buy-Up LTD Certificate

Voluntary Buy-Up Long Term Disability (LTD) | Booklet - Buy-Up LTD | Buy-Up LTD Certificate

Voluntary Short Term Disability (VSTD) | Booklet | Certificate – wBase LTD | Certificate – wBuy-Up LTD

Guide to Taxation of Employee Disability Benefits

Member Resources

Voluntary Coverage Decision Support Tool

Travel Assistance Flyer
Life Services Toolkit
Minor Beneficiaries' Payout Options
Waiver of Premium FAQ
Portability & Conversion Overview



Customer Care: 866-664-4621 or email them at

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